TheHardWay Gallery & Community Commons

TheHardWay is an experiment in placemaking in Welland. An empty storefront at 43 Hellems Ave on a block full of empty storefronts has been opened up to the neighbourhood as a gallery & community commons. It is called “The Hard Way” as a testament to the gritty resolve of some of this town’s finer citizens. The name comes from a book by David Giffels about the efforts of the people of Akron to rebuild that city after industry left it.

The purpose of the space is two-fold:
1. Local Art: Expose Welland to some of the interesting artists who gain inspiration from this town
2. Placemaking: Get people out of their homes and into the downtown to interact with one another and support the businesses that are trying to make a go of it here.

This is a short-term project; it operates from 18 July – 15 August.

Upcoming Events