The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex

The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex’s mantra is HELP - LIVE - LIFE. We wish to bring together the community with exciting events for all people of all ages, to capture the Community audience so that we can HELP each other, LIVE our lives to the fullest and enjoy the events as well as the Community to enrich LIFE.

The Bell Tower Community holds events for all members of the community, from Teen dances, and community dinners to concerts and classes. Watch for some exciting “theme night” parties in the future to attract every social crowd. Cosplay, Drag Shows, decade parties and so much more.

The Bell Tower is also home the The Gaber & Bell Tower Artist Mentorship Program. The program is looking to identify exceptional regional artistic talents and mentor them to the international level. The selected artist to be mentored will benefit from the Gaber international network and showcase the selected artist’s work at the international level.

Gaber who is an international artist himself will take the lead as Art Director and Curator. The goal is the development of local talent that demonstrates excellence in their art, then later mentor them to an international level.

The program is completed with a 2 week exhibit of selected pieces of the participating artists’ work.

Upcoming Events