Flea Market Gallery at the Factory Outlet Flea Market

Presented by the Niagara Artists Centre
At the Factory Outlet Flea Market
Open every Sunday until Christmas 9am – 4pm

Located in the peninsula’s most popular flea market, this modest 8ft by 8ft gallery (the size of a market booth) will be programmed by NAC and will exhibit local and national contemporary artists. “Yogi Berra said, ‘If people don’t come out to the ballpark, no one is going to stop them,’ ” explains Stephen Remus, NAC’s Minister of Energy, Minds and Resources. “So, we’re taking the ballpark to them. We have a sizable core audience who frequent the exhibits and events at our gallery downtown, but we thought, ‘let’s get out where the people are’; 2,500 people go through that flea market every Sunday.” The project is largely made possible through the benevolence of Kelly Foote and Scott Sweitzer of the Factory Outlet Flea Market who donated a booth for the project.

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