Music Niagara

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MUSIC NIAGARA showcases amazing music in Ontario in matchless settings.  We bring together great art, great artists, and great audiences in venues rich with culture and history.  The exceptional musicianship which is our hallmark is expressed in a wonderfully diverse Ontario concert program, ranging from classical to jazz, from choral to country.  These musical gems sparkle even more brightly in the unique Niagara-on-the-Lake settings which complement each one – jazz under the stars, Vivaldi in the vineyards, chamber music works in historic church concerts, and more.  We are proud that these concerts are not only unimaginably good, but unexpectedly affordable.  Quality, charm, and accessibility allow MUSIC NIAGARA to offer culture with ease.

Upcoming Events

Music Niagara | Future of Canadian Jazz: Harry Bartlett Trio

Music Niagara | Wine and Music:Gould String Quartet

Music Niagara | Sunday  in the Park: Niagara Falls Concert Band

Music Niagara | Great Romantics: Andre Laplante

Music Niagara | Juliette Kang: Violin

Music Niagara | Gesualdo Six: Chamber Choir directed by Owain Park

Music Niagara | National Youth Orchestra

Music Niagara | Young Virtuosos: 2

Music Niagara | Young Virtuosos: 3

Music Niagara | Great Romantics: Trio Celeste

Music Niagara |  The Great Debate: Battle of the Romantics

Music Niagara | Boccherini to Bossa Nova

Music Niagara | Last Night of the Proms

Music Niagara | Toronto All-Star Big Band