Canada 150 Lecture Series

The Niagara Historical Society celebrates Canada’s 150 with a series of talks exploring settlement, immigration and refuge in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

MARCH 16 | RICK HILL | First Nations
APRIL 20 | ALF REDEKOPP | Mennonites in Niagara: history and contributions
MAY 18 | NATASHA HENRY | Tracing Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Black History Roots
JUNE 15 | SANDRA JOYCE | Finding Family at the Tower of London (Home children)
JULY 20 | RON DALE | Draft Dodgers, Deserters and Rebels: Niagara as a Civil War Refuge
AUGUST 17 | JANE MCGAUGHEY | Ireland’s Defender: Colonel James Fitzgibbon and Irish Immigration to Upper Canada
SEPTEMBER 21| GAVIN WATT | Forced Migration - The Loyalists Settle  Niagara 

Seating limited so call for reservations.

Generously sponsored by Geoffrey & Lorraine Joyner and Niagara’s Finest Hotels.

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