St. Catharines Legacy Project | Community Portraits

Join Sandy Middleton, local photographer in her project to document through photography, individual portraits of the citizens of St.Catharines as a digital and printed record of who we are for future generation to discover. Sandy began her fine art project in 2014 and she has met and photographed over 250 people so far, she expects to have photographed thousands of St.Catharines residents during the length of this project.

You must sign up for a sitting time, use ticket link. Each slot is 30 mins.
This is for St. Catharines residents only.

Please arrive on time and be prepared to fill out a small family history. If you have something that is historically meaningful to you please bring it. You may be photographed alone or with your family.
You may dress as you like. Immediate family will be photographed as a group. Extended family can book their own sitting.

Full description about the project can be found on her blog.

Sign up by using the Ticket Button or email Sandy for booking.

This event has already taken place.