Screwball Comedy

by Norm Foster
directed by Patricia Vanstone

Set in 1938, the story centres around Mary Hayes, a budding reporter trying to break into the male dominated newspaper world. She barges into the offices of Editor-In-Chief Bosco Godfrey who is reading the riot act to his star reporter Jeff Kincaid. Fed up with Jeff’s indigent ways and lacklustre performance, Bosco sets a competition between the seasoned reporter and Mary to cover a society wedding. If Jeff writes up to snuff, he gets to keep his job. If Mary wins, she gets to replace him. Full of snappy period dialogue reminiscent of the best cinematic screwball comedies, it sparkles with humour and packs a punch.

June 21, 2017 - July 7, 2017
Cairns Hall, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, downtown St. Catharines

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