RiverBrinkTALKS: The Art of Mary Prittie with Debra Antoncic & Allan Prittie

Join us for RiverBrinkTALKS on October 27, at 2 p.m. as RiverBrink’s Director/Curator, Debra Antoncic, and the artist’s son, Allan Prittie, discuss the work of artist Mary Prittie.

Following the talk take some time to view the artist’s work which is currently on display in Mary Prittie of Port Colborne: Paintings, on the main floor of RiverBrink.

A prolific and talented artist, Mary Prittie painted the landscapes of home. From sketches of barnyard animals and children at play, from local streetscapes to the hulking shapes of industry - these are the images of Niagara. This exhibition presents a survey of paintings and drawings, with a special focus on her work depicting the local community near Port Colborne and the Welland Canal.

To reserve your seat to the talk on October 27 at 2 p.m. call 905-262-4510

$15 ($10 RiverBrink Members)

This event has already taken place.