Art Exhibition | GLEANERS | MIWSFPA/Brock

Brock University Students in VISA 2F05 Sculpture class will show work on view July 4 until July 21, 2018.

Opening on July 4, 3 to 6 pm

In a consumer-centric society, there seems to be a common mentality of ‘spending, not mending’. This leads to the destruction of resources and over- full landfills. In the art world, it is important to consider the origins of one’s materials and what happens to an art project after the exhibit. In the 2F05 sculpture class, students are taking a deeper look into the material that they often use, misuse and take for granted.

From early childhood, we are taught to reduce, reuse and recycle, a charming but widely unfollowed sentiment. By using mostly found and recycled materials, the artists are making an effort to not only help the environment but also show that by thinking outside the box, we can reduce waste.Several dumpster dives to glean resources for their projects, has provided these artists with many materials they need to help them create new from old. 

The student exhibition running from July 4 – 21, is a free community event, that encourages viewers to think about how they, too, can use old material to make new objects. These students have come together to prove it does not matter how expensive or new are one’s materials; it matters how you use what you have at your disposal and how you (re)think about our relationship with everyday objects.

This event has already taken place.