Garden Design 101 ~ A 5 Week Interactive Design Course | Mori Gardens

When you are thinking about designing new gardens or perhaps refreshing an older landscape there are certain concepts that you should consider before you even put the shovel into the ground. Come learn about the 5 senses of garden design: a sense of entry, a sense of welcome, a sense of enclosure, a sense of flow and a sense of place. Learn how you can incorporate these into your own custom garden design, the first 5 week garden design class.

Run by Mori Gardens award winning designer Joanne Young. You can expect an inviting, interactive course filled with expertise and casual feel for the beginner to intermediate gardener.

The entire 5 week course will be included in the cost of $250. Participants will be expected to pay the entire amount before or at the start of the first session. Participants are encouraged to attend all 5 sessions to get the most benefit from the course.

You can expect to finish this course with a design, made by your own hand for your own project. Using the gradual building of concepts through this 5 week program you will learn how to use the 5 sense of design to not only create your own project, but also learn the considerations and questions that are invovled in the garden design process.

Join us for Garden Design 101. Let’s Grow Something Beautiful!

This event has already taken place.