Film Screening | Risking Everything | St. Catharines Museum

The St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre will be screening the black history film “Risking Everything”. The 34 minute documentary tells a story about the many ways stories are told: in song and the singers, in clay and the hands that mold it, and in the landscapes that create us. Filmed, directed, and produced by Emmy Award-winning and 5 time Emmy nominee CBS cameraman Isadore Bleckman, “Risking Everything” is a story with many voices: those of Canadian ancestors who dreamed of freedom, of descendants and townspeople in the United States who remember the role their town played, in the wods and ahnds of a sculptor, and in the voices of a renowned choir of young African Americans who carry forward the hopes of our ancestors. It’s a story that continues to be told every day.

The film makers will be at the September 24th viewing, and the sculpture artist featured in the film will be here on October 1st.

This event has already taken place.