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Oct 16 2019

Learnmore: Colour & Pigments, with Sandra Lawrence | Riverbrink

Colour and Pigments: Presented by Sandra Lawrence
Six week course – Begins October 16, 2019, Wednesdays @ 2:00 pm
Colours in paintings and painted works of art are produced from pigments.  The history of these pigments goes back as far as the earliest cave paintings and extends to the present day.  Pigments used by artists occur naturally, have been manufactured from earliest times to the present and have been discovered by accident.  Their properties vary incredibly: some are fugitive, others are permanent.  Some are poisonous.  Many can be used effectively with only specific mediums and many have fascinating pasts.
This series of lectures looks at the “colourful” history of pigments through the stories of their discovery, physical properties and use over time.
Cost: RiverBrink Members $45 / Non-members $50
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To register, please contact, or call the museum at 905-262-4510.

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