Art Workshop: Mark Making with Robin Nisbet | Riverbrink

Mark Making with Robin Nisbet
10:30 am – 1: 30 pm
Cost: $35
Join artist Robin Nisbet as she takes inspiration from the Lyrical Abstraction movement to guide you into natural and impulsive mark making. Characterized by intuitive and loose paint handling, lyrical abstraction led the way away from more formal and sharper styles of Pop Art and geometric abstraction to a freer, more expressive way of painting. Using unconventional brushes and acrylics, explore interesting techniques to bring some spontaneous energy to your painting.
Students are free to bring their own materials, and are challenged to bring something unconventional to try painting and making marks with, but there will be a variety of tools, and paints made available. Watercolour paper will be provided to students.

This event has already taken place.