Eco-Art and Eco-Fashion Show Gala

Eco-Art and Eco-Fashion Show

Links for Greener Learning’s (LGL) Eco-Fashion Show and Gala aims to reduce waste by creating new products from upcycled and repurposed materials.
All proceeds from this event will go towards improving and expanding the Eco-Chic, 3Rs Boutique project and our community gardens project which supports low income and newcomer families.

The event will have three shows:

The First Show- will have students from secondary and elementary schools who created their own designs from recycle material
The Second Show: will have models from second hand stores who will be wearing some of the clothes available at their stores. (Every store will have twenty minutes to show their styles.)
The Third Show- this will be the highlight of the event where models will “rock the runway” in beautiful and creative fashions made from waste material (plastic, fabric, buttons, pop tabs and other materials. Display of Eco-Chic Products (bags, purses, jewelry, keychains and other items made from waste material)

This event has already taken place.