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9:00 AM
May 22 2019

Call for Artists from all disciplines: Arts in Medicine

The Arts in Medicine (AiM) program at the Walker Family Cancer Centre (WFCC) in Niagara Health System (NHS) is inviting Artists from the St. Catharines arts community to take part in the Art on Loan program, as well as the opportunity to participate as Guest Artists.

Art on Loan is a project that features loaned artwork from local artists on the walls of the WFCC. Artwork can include paintings (canvas or framed), photography (framed), or drawings (framed). Proposals also accepted. The purpose of Art on Loan is to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment and furnish empty walls; utilize familiarity and evoke memories using Niagara-based artists and organizations’ artwork; and present a warm presence to patients, caregivers, volunteers, and staff.

• Open to Niagara-based artists and arts organizations.
• Artists and arts organizations must complete an application form and sign an agreement.
• Upon acceptance, artists and arts organizations will be supplied a wall or area of the WFCC to showcase their work for a month’s time. This can be extended.
• The art will be mounted on the wall by the NH. Art must be ready-to-hang.
• The Art supplied by the Artist must: a. Include a harmonic outlook, and b. Bring beauty to the healthcare environment, and c. Not include negative medical (or other) connotation, and d. Not be confusing, depressing, or confrontational.
• Nature and local art are encouraged.

Guest Artists
Two options are available for Guest Artists. Arts Live in the Waiting Room features artists of all disciplines to perform and engage with patients and their families and caregivers in the clinic, chemotherapy, and radiation waiting rooms. Artists are encouraged to be as interactive as possible, and open to discussion and conversation. These can include visual artists, musicians, or other creative outputs. Workshops are also available to be facilitated by Guest Artists. Each month, an AiM Calendar of Events is published featuring different hands-on workshops for patients, caregivers, and family members to attend. These workshops are free to all participants.

• A brief interview is required. Privacy and confidentiality forms must be signed.
• For Arts Live in the Waiting Room musicians, an audition is required. Musicians must supply their own instrument. For visual artists, materials must be supplied by the artist. Some instruments/media may be refused due to noise/safety regulations.
• At least two months’ notice is required due to planning and room bookings.
• Guest Artists must be personable, friendly, and willing to interact.
• Guest Artists can participate as little as one time or up to twice a month.

To Apply
Please contact Laurie Sadowski, Arts in Medicine Coordinator, at 905-378-4647, extension 49241 or to express your interest. Questions are encouraged.