Watercolour Workshop with Pete Malaguti | Riverbrink

6 Week Course
Beginning Saturday, January 25 – February 29, 2020
Saturdays, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
For the first three weeks, you will explore watercolour portraits via reference photos, where you’ll cover the basics of what comprises a nice photo, considering light and shade, to create a striking rendering. From there, you begin to explore 3-dimensionality and work through pencil rendering(s) to help identify value(s), and then move into colour. You will also study eyes, lips, noses, and ears and explore the ways in which light plays on them – you might even learn a shortcut or two! During the final three weeks of the course, you will use your own photos and practice the techniques that you’ve learned to create your own portrait(s) – or self-portrait – in watercolour! Materials list provided upon registration.

This event has already taken place.