A One Night Exhibition: Invasive Species

On JANUARY 17, 2018, students from 3M90 Advanced Art Practices will be transplanting their work into the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts building. Everyone is invited to explore this one night exhibition between 4pm and 9pm. Maps will help you navigate the space to see the works—-some easy to find—- some more hidden.

INVASIVE SPECIES is a collective of works from 3M90 students, focusing on themes of information, architecture, the archive, regionality, subjectivity and objectivity, death, resilience, ecology, mental health, space, the institution, invasive and symbiotic species and site-specific art. The works range from painting, drawing, video, projection, animation, performance and installation. All the works are responsive to the site.

Participating student artists are: Hani Ahmed, Jess Angelevski, Teresa Badgley, Jessica Bradley, Tom Denton, Isabella Domaradzki, Kylie Haveron, Emma Hutchison-Hounsell, Laura Levesque, Avery Mikolic-O’Rourke, Amanda Misale, Anna Podvalni, Victoria Reid, Kourtney Spadoni, Desiree Veinot.

This event has already taken place.